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Updating Your Dashboard Honda Navigation System

Many Honda vehicles come with dashboard GPS navigation already pre-installed at the factory.  This additional extra means that the car owner will never need to purchase a standalone GPS device such as a Garmin or TomTom – however, it will mean that over time the on-board maps will become out of date.
The New Honda Navigation DVD for 2012
Because of these it’s possible to purchase a new Honda Navigation DVD which will then need to be inserted into the disc tray so any new road changes can be uploaded to the GPS.  The update and installation process is extremely simple and can be completed by following these instructions.
  1. Visit the Honda Navigation website at Navigation.com where you can select your Honda vehicle model and year of manufacture.
  2. Check for the latest mapping DVD – the 2012 version has already been released – and then add that to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout.
  3. Once the new Honda GPS DVD arrives in the post turn on your car’s ignition and eject the existing DVD already in the disc tray, and insert the new one.
  4. Follow any on-screen instructions, making sure to input the unique customer authentication code that comes on the DVD packaging.
  5. Wait for the Honda map updates to install – which should take no longer than 20 minutes in most Honda vehicle models.

Why Should You Update Your Honda GPS?
As soon as you drive your new Honda car of the garage forecourt, the GPS maps are going to be out of date.  This is because the map and routing information is stored physically on the device – and not beamed down from satellites as is a common misconception.
Every year there are literally thousands of changes occurring on the road networks.  These include junction changes, new highways, intersection updates and changes to business addresses.  If you’ve ever driven into a new town or city and realised that your Honda GPS becomes lost then you will know how frustrating this will be.
The new Honda Navigation DVD doesn’t just include roads though, it also comes with millions of POI files – otherwise known as Points of Interest.  These POIs contain useful Touch-and-Go destinations such as hospitals, ATMs, shopping malls and many different tourist attractions such as theme parks and national parks.  Using them effectively can mean you can plan many great days out with your family at the touch of a button so you get the most from your Honda navigation system.

Buy the Honda Navigation DVD for 2012
For all purchase options, prices, and additional information about the new Honda map updates then make sure that you click here for the latest Honda Navigation DVD.
This independent website includes details on each and every Honda vehicle that comes with an in-built factory installed dashboard GPS – whether you drive an Accord, Civic, Ridgeline, or Odyssey, you will be able to get the latest map update version for your car model.

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