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A How to Guide for Buying Business Transport


There are few businesses that can function fully without the use of a vehicle; from large vans to company cars you need to know how to get the best from your business transport. There are many things to consider both before and after you purchase a car, van or truck and this practical how to guide has been put together to help you understand the points that really matter.

Consider a Second Hand Vehicle

No matter whether you are looking for an executive vehicle for the commute to work and ferrying clients around or a heavy duty vehicle to transport goods, it’s always worth considering a second hand alternative. The main benefit of a used vehicle is the considerable difference in price, but providing you choose the right dealer you can also expect a full service history and warranty too.

Research the Best Makes and Models

Listening to what other people have to say about a particular make and model is all well and good therefore should be valued, but it is also necessary to undertake your own research to find out what similar industries are driving. Look at all aspects such as fuel consumption, price depreciation and common issues with the vehicle you are considering to get a good understanding of what you can expect performance wise.

Find a Reliable Garage

No matter what car, van or truck you buy, over time wear and tear will occur and a service will need to be booked. Put some thought into the garage you choose and if it’s a larger truck you are purchasing be sure to look at the experience they have in servicing such a vehicle. Those purchasing a fleet of trucks could also look into a garage that provides on-site servicing and repairs to reduce downtime.

Consider its Purpose

If you are a newer company looking to purchase a vehicle or fleet of trucks, it’s important to remember what the vehicle is needed for now and what it might be needed for in the future. Consult your business plan and see if that smaller truck might not be as useful a few months down the line as supply and demand grows.

Whatever type of vehicle you are buying for your business, make sure you take care to explore all of your options in terms of buying second hand instead of new and do you research on fuel efficiency before committing to the sale!

Sophie works alongside Walker Movements, a company specialising in the sale of used trucks.

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