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E-Cig Etiquette: Where Is It Appropriate to Smoke an Electronic Cigarette?

Smoking tobacco has truly become a way of the past. With continuous studies showing how unhealthy it is for a person to allow tobacco smoke to enter their lungs, it is no wonder why people are looking for healthier alternatives to tobacco smoke. Electronic cigarettes have become more popular than ever, prompting demand for web sites that host honest electronic cigarette reviews – http://www.reviewbank.com/electronic-cigarette-reviews/ is a great example. When quitting smoking, and turning to electronic cigarettes to aid in the process, it is common to wonder where it would and would not be appropriate for someone to use an electronic cigarette. There are some situations where using an electronic cigarette is acceptable, and there are certain times and places you’re your e-cigarette is best kept stowed away. Here’s how you can tell when it is appropriate to smoke your e-cigarette.

Best Places and Times to Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

The best places to smoke electronic cigarettes are the places in which smoking is already deemed acceptable: in designated smoking areas; in a person’s own vehicle; or in a person’s home. Think of electronic cigarettes as a healthier alternative to smoking, not as something that is suitable for any environment. When a craving hits, find an acceptable place to use the electronic cigarette and conquer the craving. When choosing a designated smoking area, choose a spot where there is the least amount of secondhand smoke from other smokers. By choosing a location that is separated from smokers, the urge for tobacco will not be as strong and you will not be quite so susceptible to the influence of others.

Acceptable Times to Smoke Electronically

A person would not be allowed to hide in a bathroom stall at a fancy restaurant and smoke a cigarette; although this is not true when it comes to smoking electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes don’t contain or release harmful chemicals or smoke, therefore electronic cigarettes can be taken into a bathroom stall and used without worry of harm to others or discrimination from other people. Electronic smoking would also be acceptable when windows are closed in a car, for example.

Worst Places to Bring Out an Electronic Cigarette

An easy rule of thumb that a smoker can use before pulling out an electronic cigarette, is “would I light a real cigarette here?” An example of one of the worst places a person could use an electronic cigarette is in an elementary school yard, in a shopping center, or in a smoke-free coffee shop. Even though an electronic cigarette does not emit smoke, people around the smoker can get the wrong idea pretty quickly. A person would not want to be asked to leave a restaurant, for example, because they are holding a cigarette in their mouth and causing other people to become uncomfortable at the sight of it.

There are some fairly obvious places where smoking an electronic cigarette is just not a good idea. Some of those places include the same places as a person would not smoke a tobacco cigarette. Using your common sense can help you to discern when it is and is not a good idea to smoke an e-cigarette.

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