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A Day Getaway Trail for Each State – A-M

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We are all sick of sitting around inside.  Interestingly, we have now reached the a time in which most locations are allowing people to get out to exercise.  While you may feel your state has nothing spectacular about it, there are beautiful spots everywhere you go. Create your stay-cation wherever you are with nearby getaway trails. Here are a list of hikes for each state to provide you with a little time away from the norm. Visit the website with a full list here.

  1. Alabama – Ike Maston at Red Mountain State Park. This one is sure to get your heart pumping and the scenery changes are sure to keep you entertained throughout your hike.
  2. Alaska – Savage Alpine Trail. This spectacular hike with views out of this world is found in Denali National park. Visit on a clear day for spectacular views of Denali.
  3. Arizona – Blackett’s Ridge trail. This steep hike features amazing views of Mt. Lemmon and Sabino Canyon.
  4. Arkansas – Whitaker Point Trail. This 3 mile trail is one of the most popular in the state and the views are spectacular.
  5. California – Half Dome. Not a surprising choice for most who know anything about hiking. A lovely hike in Yosemite that boasts beautiful views to rival nearly any in the country.Hiking Trail

  6. Colorado – Dream Lake trail is found in the iconic Rocky Mountain Park. The trail itself is 3.6 miles in length and one of the more popular, so expect to be one of many visitors.
  7. Connecticut -Millington Trail. This 2.6 mile hike includes a waterfall and is found in Devil’s Hopyard State Park.
  8. Delaware – Cape Henlopen State Park plays host to this easy 3.2 mile coastal trail that is especially popular among bird watchers.
  9. Florida – Black Bear Wilderness loop is a 7 mile hike through some of the most adventurous terrain in the state.
  10. Georgia – Hurricane Falls Trail – This hike has beautiful views of Hurricane falls and Tallulah Gorge even though it is one of the shorter on our list at 2.5 miles.
  11. Hawaii- Kilauea’Iki Trail- This trail is a 4 mile round trip. It leads through a jungle to the site of the crater that sits at the bottom of the Kilauea volcano. This hike crosses the crater floor for a unique view of cooled lava beds.
  12. Idaho – Sawtooth Lake – This out and back 8.5 mile trail has one of the most beautiful views in the state.
  13. Illinois – Little Grand Canyon – The Shawnee National forest is home to one of the most spectacular hikes in the mid-west. The Little Grand Canyon is a a 3 mile “canyon” with a view to remember.trail
  14. Indiana – Hemlock Cliffs – This hike in southern Indiana is considered a hidden gem. However, these cliffs are truly among the most beautiful to visit for a tranquil break from everyday life.
  15. Iowa – Canyon Road in Ledges State Park is 6.5 mile hike through a sandstone gorge that offers a unique perspective.
  16. Kansas – Elk River Trail – “Some backpackers consider the Elk River Trail the best hike in Kansas because there is so much to see in this tough route. Look for tiny waterfalls, rock chambers, and small caves to explore along the Elk River. The gnarled trees, plank bridges and wildlife will make it seem like you’ve stepped into an enchanted forest. A number of switchbacks take you up to a steep ridge on the north side of Elk City Lake, where you can take in the beautiful views before slipping back into the trees.”

  17. Kentucky – Eagle Falls Trail – Located in Cumberland Falls State Park, many visitors consider these falls to be the more beautiful of the region. This waterfall features lush vegetation and a bit of bouldering at the base.
  18. Louisiana – Lake Chicot Loop – Among the list of longer hikes we have for you, but this 17.3 mile loop takes no dips or rises and leads you through the wilder side of Louisiana.Trails
  19. Maine -Mt. Katahdin –  The northern corner of the Appalachian trail offers a slice of the Rocky Mountains in Maine.  This trail is considered one of the most rugged and dramatic hikes. It is one of the best climbs in new England. This is a perfect spot for a multi-day getaway trails.
  20. Maryland – The Billy Goat Trail – This is a 7.8 mile scenic trail along the Potomac river that is one of the most popular considering its proximity to Washington D.C.
  21. Massachusetts – Eyrie House Ruins – A surprising hike in Massachusetts is the Holyoke hike to see the Eyrie House ruins.  “A beautiful popular hotel in the 1880’s burned to the ground and all that remains are ruins in this New England forest.  A few trails will get you to the ruins on top of Mt. Nonotuck.  While this hike is not long it does offer some great views, quiet forest sections of trail and history.”

  22. Michigan – Chapel Basin Loop – This hike offers a bit of everything from waterfalls, to cliffs, to unique rock formations. Hiking
  23. Minnesota – Baptism River Cascades – This hike is beautiful in any season, but is most spectacular in Autumn.  It contains many stairs and steps, but is not considered difficult. This spot is perfect for a day or multi-day getaway trails.
  24. Mississippi – Clark Creek Nature Area – Only a few miles of trails are located here. The waterfalls and creeks and formations make up for the lack of miles.
  25. Missouri – Lost Valley Trail – This 10 mile loop is an easy trail for mountain bikers, but is always beautiful on foot as well.
  26. Montana – Grinell Glacier – This trail, found in Glacier National Park is among one of the most beautiful.  However, any trail found in Glacier National Park is sure to be a beautiful day trip and while you are there you should check out more relaxing getaway trails in the park.

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