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Homemade Rides – DIY Theme Park

Homemade Rides – DIY Theme Park

This post is for entertainment purposes only. Please do not attempt any of the following yourself as it could result in serious injury or death.

    1. It took four years and a heck of a lot of iron but John Ivers from Indiana managed to build his own working rollercoaster in his backyard called Blue Flash. It is 180 feet long and 20 feet high and, as you can see on the video has a scarily fast corkscrew turn!
    2. This 100 yard waterslide is made from plastic sheeting and works like a dream. The slide ends up in a lake and is the perfect way to cool down in the summer, however, probably not too good when combined with beer.
    3. You’d have to have nerves of steel to attempt a stunt like this. This man and his mates have decided to cure their boredom by hanging off the end of a digger! The start of the video is scary enough but as the speed gets up this guy is hanging on for dear life! Definitely not big and not clever!
    4. Snow, a set of steps and a box and your good to go! This guy was in for a bumpy ride when he decided to ‘sleigh’ down a set of steps, however it all ended well and he walked away unscathed.
    5. Well, it doesn’t get better than this in the world of aquatic rides and these three are obviously very proud of themselves. Their ride took ten days to make and approximately two seconds to try out! Their families must have been very laid back to let this go on in the back garden…
    6. Jeremy Reid from Oklahoma decided after taking engineering courses at college that he could probably make his own rollercoaster. By the time he had finished, his parents backyard was home to a huge southern yellow pine rollercoaster. Jeremy reckons the contraption cost him over $10,000 but helped him land his dream job at a roller coaster design company.

Jeremy Reid

    1. Six years ago fourteen year old David Mossman from Germany took it upon himself to build a wooden rollercoaster in his aunt’s garden. However it became so big it attracted the attention of the local authorities, who asked him to take it down or risk a fine. There has been no word since but David will now be a strapping twenty year old with a few more designs up his sleeve no doubt.

David Mossman

  1. Another giant water slide, 60 metres in fact, however this ones a bit of a gamble to whether you actually land in water or not. There is a small paddling pool at the end of the slide and if you don’t end up in it you’ll be bouncing along the grass. Ouch! To top it off all of this was done while the parents were away for the weekend
  2. You can’t get more Jackass than this. It’s amazing what you can do with a huge piece of rope, one willing individual and a drive-on lawnmower.
  3. Blue Flash creator John Ivers has gone a bit more sophisticated and this is his sequel, aptly named Blue Too. The ride has a fully functioning steel train and goes super super fast.


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