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Top 10 Fashion Styling Tips For Cute Ladies

Although many women are under the 5 foot 4 inches measurement that is required to be considered petite, finding petite clothing can be difficult for many women. Petite women can follow some fashion styling tips to make themselves appear taller and have a stylish ensemble with petite clothes.

1. Wear straight line pants – Finding the right fit of pants can help form the foundation for your outfit. Stick with pants that a have a straight line from the waist down with a slight flair at the bottom. Boot cut pants also work well on petite figures. Stay away from baggy pants which will look they swallowed you up.

2. Wear a V-neckline – V-necks help elongate a petite frame. Use V-necks for shirts, sweaters and dresses.

3. Hit the knee – Choose dresses or skirts that stop at or around the knee. The exposure of your legs will make you seem taller. Stay away from clothing that stops at the calf, which will have the opposite result of making you appear shorter. This includes Capri pants, dresses and skirts.

4. Try long coats – Wear a long coat to give the impression of a longer frame. A nice trench or winter coat can help finish your look. Stick to neutral colours, such as black, grey or cream so the coat doesn’t seem overwhelming on your frame.

5. Wear vertical lines – Wear shirts, skirts and pants that have vertical lines. This is a common design tip that can help make you appear taller. Pinstripes provide a professional pattern that gives the illusion of a taller frame.

6. Define your waist – Petite clothes are made in a different manner than other women’s clothing to account for the different proportions. However, defining your waist is still important, whether you are tall, short or average height. Large, thick belts are usually not proportional to a petite frame. Use a slim belt around your waist or wear shirts that come with built-in belts.

7. Wear jackets – Jackets help define your shape. Jackets that end above your hips help keep the look proportional. They also help you to appear taller and slender.

8. Wear matching colours – A monochromatic colour scheme works well with petite clothing. Different shades of the same colour can come together to form a cohesive look. For example, pair sky blue, navy blue and baby blue together. Another option is to use grey, slate and black in combination.

9. Stay away from large patterns – Large patterns can easily overwhelm a small frame. Instead, opt for smaller patterns or solid coloured pieces.

10. Visit a tailor – Tailors can help clothing seem custom fit for an individual. Some clothes may fit a petite woman perfectly in one location, such as her bust or hips, but the rest of the garment may need to be tucked in. Find a garment that fits your largest area best and let the tailor fit the rest of the garment to your body.


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