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Tips on Putting Together a Cool Skater Outfit

You might be tempted to think that putting together a skater or skater-like outfit is easy. After all, it seems to come naturally to so many kids out there in the streets. Since their ages range between ten and thirty, and many of them don’t seem to have any extraordinary fashion sense, it can’t possibly be that hard, can it? Well, indeed, it’s not hard when it comes naturally. When you actually do skate and know all about tricks, loops and halfpipes, you will probably have an easy time figuring out what to wear in order to look like a skater… because you actually are a skater! However, if you’re just a random guy in dire need of a wardrobe update, or a fashion researcher looking into street fashion trends, then you’ve come to the right place. The following article includes tips and tricks, brands to wear, such as items from Only NY Clothing, as well as accessories you will need to complete your look.

Cool Bottoms

Skaters will only wear denim or cargo pants, loose fitting and comfortable. Their legs do most of the work, so they need to get as much room inside the clothing as they need. Brands are not as important here, as is comfort. In summer, opt for a pair of longer shorts that will hit right below the knee, revealing your shins. Cool camouflage prints and neutral colors such as beige, khaki green and grey are highly encouraged, yet classical blue denim will also take care of the job just right.

Skater-ish Tops

The rules here are pretty simple. Since skaters move a lot and need a lot of moving space, comfortable clothing is essential. Therefore, a skater will never ever wear a figure-hugging or otherwise tight t-shirt. Quite the contrary. A skater’s t-shirt needs to be as loose as possible – without looking like it belonged to one’s older brother, however. In terms of colours and prints, solids are always a good safe choice. If you want to play up your sartorial prowess, however, opt for a funky, graffiti-like print, anything that includes or alludes to skulls, and ironic messages in big bold prints. Only NY clothing will usually fit this bill to a tee. In case the weather is not exactly sunny, you will want to wear a hoodie over that t-shirt. Band hoodies are completely out of the question here. An item from a popular skate-shoe brand will most often do the trick. In addition to the shoes, this is one item which can and actually should display the brand name or brand logo, for extra street cred among fellow skaters.


You might not have guessed it all on your own, if you’re not familiar with the skater community, but accessories are actually essential to completing this look. It’s basically all about the shoes. A bit of research online will reveal the most popular brand names for skater shoes. They are usually wide and feature a special shoelace pattern that does not allow the ends of the laces to be seen. Caps are also often worn by skaters, be they trucker caps or paper boy caps. Prints on caps will either be ironic, graffiti-inspired or will not appear at all. Some professional skaters choose to wear caps that are inscribed with an endorser’s logo, but since we doubt you’re a pro, better steer clear of this. Add a metal chain linking a front pocket with a back pocket and you’re all set and ready to take over the streets in true skater style.

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