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Is Your Car Literally Freezing All Winter?

Winter is an especially punishing time of the year. The mind numbing cold can dampen anybody’s attitude in equal proportion. For those who have cars, attentive care must extend to include these useful vehicles. The winter conditions that include below zero temperatures, liquid and corrosive roads, can turn an otherwise good performance car into a driving nightmare. This need not deteriorate into an impossible situation as long as someone is able to keep these few thoughts close at hand.

  • Keep the engine operating – since the car cannot enjoy the same warm indoor conditions that a warm house provides, a car owner must be very vigilant as far as the ensuring the antifreeze liquid is in top working condition. This means that, it has to be replaced according to the level and state required for that particular car model. This shall allow the car engine to keep performing at its best right through the punishing winter into the much warmer spring ahead.
  • Effective wipers – winter is also a time when car wipers are used very much. This is because of the added windy and rainy conditions that drive snow and other materials through the air. Without a good set of wipers, driver visibility can be reduced to zero. This compromised visibility can be the source of many fatal automobile accidents.
  • Rejuvenating the car battery – since the car experiences the most brunt of the cold weather, it can stall on many mornings. Starting a car during cold mornings requires a robust and dependable battery. Weak batteries lose more power on starting and this can lead to further delays. The overall performance of a car can also deteriorate because of a weak battery. Frequent checks of battery holdings and housing including battery testing will keep it producing the power that is needed in winter conditions to keep the car warm, lighted and defrosted.
  • Beware of parking areas – during winter the sky is normally overcast and dark. This gloom reduces the visibility of many places especially parking areas. Adding the flexibility of car turntables can make parking a breeze especially in crowded parking places. Furthermore, since the road may be slippery at this time these turntables provide added stability because they point the car in the right direction.
  • Ensuring regular car service – during winter time the truly top quality cars are separated from their unreliable inferior counterparts. To keep a car performing at top quality, the small things must be taken into consideration. This means changing all the filters for oil or air, changing plugs, power steering fluids, brake fluids and other vital components that make cars perform at high efficiency.  Scheduling car service before, during and after winter will keep the car running in a first-rate manner.
  • Balancing the car wheels – this can be done by keeping a keen eye out for the condition of tires including their rims. Tire physical condition and air pressure will determine whether the car will be safe to drive over winter. This is because, in the slippery winter conditions, the only thing that keeps the car safe is its ability to create traction with the road surface. This also applies to parking areas as well where vehicle turntables are being used for closer parking.

Jack Kestrel is an automobile engineer working in the motor vehicle industry. His job is to study and improve the aspects that can keep cars safe on the roads and in commonly limited parking areas. Using suitable car turntables and vehicle turntables, he is able to create space in crowded parking areas that have many used corners.

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