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Looking For a Holiday Getaway? Consider a Holiday Cottage Rental!

Too many people face the stress of the daily grind in life. This includes dealing with their jobs, their families, their friends and, in the end, just having too little personal time. What can help to reverse this endless stress? A holiday getaway, of course! One of the most increasingly popular options for vacationers today is a holiday cottage rental, such as a stay in any of the various Shropshire holiday cottages. Consider a holiday cottage rental getaway today, and discover the charm and the relaxation that the countryside can offer you.

Where is Shropshire?

You may not have ever heard of Shropshire, but it’s a site that sits in between England and Wales, right on the border of the two countries. This area is a perfect location for a getaway because it is as far from the city and urban life as you could possibly get while still staying within the UK. It is located against a picturesque backdrop of amazing patchwork fields, nicely wooded valleys, sparkling rivers and even beautiful rolling hills that lead right up to the Welsh mountains. Once in this lovely and rural area, you’ll feel all the wonders that a cottage-rental vacation can offer you.

More Than Meets the Eye

Though the county of Shropshire is very laidback, relaxing and rural, it is by no means boring or uneventful. The area is naturally very rich in history, and even today, there is a good amount to both see and do in the county, which you can find out all about when you vacation here. For instance, the Ironbridge Gorge area of the county is seen as the Industrial Revolution’s birthplace and also designated as a World Heritage Site by the UN. The area’s also home to 10 different museums and railway-themed self-catering.

Ideas for Cottage Rentals

There are many cottages from which to choose in this location. The cottages available for rent range from as cozy as just a 1-bedroom layout to a magnificent, 6-bedroom floor plan that features sufficient room for the extended family, too. For instance, the Yews Barn only sleeps 4 in its 1-bedroom layout, but it is a romantic hideaway that makes for a memorable vacation experience. On the other side of the spectrum sits Toad Hall at Eaton Manor, a large vacation home that features 6 bedrooms and the capacity to sleep 14 persons. In spite of its size, it’s still peacefully tucked away into the countryside and features a welcoming environment for both kids and dogs.

Unique Holiday Cottages are a highly ideal way in which to experience a cottage-rental holiday in the UK. If you’ve never treated yourself to such a holiday before, then it’s high time that you afforded yourself this memorable experience. The area itself has quite a bit to see and do, as evidenced by the medieval town of nearby Shrewsbury. There are also many attractive coffee shops as well as restaurants that dot the landscape, which makes for a wonderful gastronomic experience that’s all part of the package.

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