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Tourists in Houston Traffic: Is a City Attractions Pass the Best Ticket?

The Meerkats Draw a Large CrowdAnyone visiting Houston usually quickly figures out that they have a vast amount of choices when it comes to attractions and activities. From the Houston Zoo to the Space Center, there is literally something that every member of the family can enjoy. Unfortunately, some tourists often have a difficult time in traffic due to Houston being the largest city in Texas with over two million residents. Luckily, investing in a Houston City Pass can help ease some of these traffic woes. 

Public Transport Accessibility

A Houston City Pass obviously allows visitors to see some of the top sites in the city for a fraction of the cost that they’d usually pay, but the attractions are also easily accessible by public transit. Since those who use public transportation are much less likely to be involved in an accident than those who drive, having the City Pass with the specific destinations that are included makes the chances of experiencing a traffic hazard much less likely.

Attractions provided in the City Pass include Downtown Aquarium, the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the Houston Space Center. The pass also includes two option tickets that allow visitors to choose between certain attractions. Tourists can either visit the Houston Zoo or Health Museum, and they also are able to choose between the Children’s Museum and Museum of Fine Arts.

All of these attractions are easily accessed by public transit, and the zoo, fine arts museum and natural science museum are literally within walking distance of each other. This makes it simple to enjoy them all without having to drive anywhere.

Simon Says...(For Trish's Simon)No Need to Rush

The purchase of the Pass also allows tourists to simply enjoy their trip without having to rush around the city. Anyone who purchases tickets separately will have time constraints that they have to follow. A tourist who gets day tickets to the Houston Zoo and the Houston Space Center, for instance, may encounter traffic and then have to rush from one destination to another just to ensure that they don’t waste their tickets for the day. This isn’t the case for City Pass holders.

A Houston all-attractions ticket of this sort is good for nine days from its first use. This means that if the Houston Space Center takes up most of a family’s day, they can simply put their zoo visit off until the next day. This greatly reduces the need to drive quickly, and thus will reduce a person’s chances of being in an auto crash. It’s important to note, however, that if someone is involved in a crash, they need to find a Houston accident lawyer before they leave the city after their vacation. Non-local attorneys usually aren’t prepared to act on an accident victim’s behalf in Houston.

The City Pass also helps tourists slow down and take a breath due to the fact that they likely don’t have to wait in lines. The attractions provided for are amongst the most popular in Houston. Unfortunately, this leads to long lines which can cause people to speed in an attempt to get to an attraction early. With the Pass, however, there’s absolutely no point in hurrying to get in a ticket line since the pass itself is the ticket.

Visitors to Texas are in for a treat whenever they come through the city of Houston. It’s a beautiful place with a rich history behind it, and the numerous transportation options combined with three airports make it ideal for travelers looking for a weekend or longer getaway. The City Pass literally makes enjoying the city of Houston simple for everyone, and luckily, it can help people stay safer on Houston’s bustling streets as well.

Ann Bailey is a journalist who loves to travel, and provides these tips for travelers to Houston.  The Houston accident lawyer group at houston-accidentattorney(dot)com works to protect the rights of clients who are involved in any auto accidents while touring the Texas city’s major attractions by car.

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