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Updating Your Dashboard Honda Navigation System

Many Honda vehicles come with dashboard GPS navigation already pre-installed at the factory.  This additional extra means that the car owner will never need to purchase a standalone GPS device such as a Garmin or TomTom – however, it will mean that over time the on-board maps will become out of date. The New Honda [...]

Environmental Impact of Car Transport Services

Few people can read a magazine, newspaper, or website without reading about efforts to save the environment. All types of environmental terms that were previously unknown are now becoming more common, as well. In addition to terror stories about an unhealthy earth, the auto transport industry must deal with serious scrutiny. However, auto transport is [...]

Is Your Car Literally Freezing All Winter?

Winter is an especially punishing time of the year. The mind numbing cold can dampen anybody’s attitude in equal proportion. For those who have cars, attentive care must extend to include these useful vehicles. The winter conditions that include below zero temperatures, liquid and corrosive roads, can turn an otherwise good performance car into a [...]

Driverless Cars of the Future

Overview For many years, inventors and automakers have sought ways to make cars both safer and easier on the environment. Although the progress has not always been fast, drivers are now starting to see increasingly more eco-friendly and self-reliant cars than ever before. From the new Nissan Leaf, a fully electric car which is emission-free [...]

7 Tips to Avoid Auto Insurance Fraud

Auto insurance is a huge business right now. Aggressive marketing online and on TV works to encourage people to switch companies to take advantage of low rates, and consumers are always eager to find a discount on their insurance coverage. Unfortunately, whenever money is involved, scam artists aren’t far behind, and insurance scams are rampant. [...]

What to Do When Your Car Warranty Expires

It doesn’t matter if you have a manufacturer’s warranty or an extended warranty, at some point, it’s going to expire. So, what do you do? Do you wait until the time comes to deal with it? Do you just drive the vehicle without one since you intend on trading it in shortly anyway?   From [...]