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Which Course Should You Study at College?

Which course should you study at college

Many students are in their last year of school before they have to make the decision on which college to attend for next year.   It can be difficult to decide on which course to study, here is a look at some of the more popular courses and the reasons for choosing them.

Business and Management Courses

These degrees are ideal for those students who are looking to learn more about how organizations work and develop.  There are many different modules within the course, including marketing, accounting, economics and even entrepreneurship.  If combined with a language, they allow the student the opportunity to spend up to one year either working or studying in the relevant country.  During the summer and winter vacation, some colleges offer placements with companies such as KPMG, PWC and Accenture. 

Engineering courses

Engineering has one of the most intensive course schedules.  Depending on the university you go to, there are a mixture of theory and practical sessions.  This will prepare you for when you graduate and are in the workplace. For example, in Australia, The University of Melbourne and the University of NSW  are seen as the best two universities to study engineering in the country.  Students will learn all about the mechanics of engineering and find out about interesting things such as power generation or screw compressors


Depending on the location, language courses can be very flexible and allow you the option of working at the same time.  For example, if you are studying in the UK, taking an undergraduate degree in one language means just 5 hours a week.  This can easily be combined with a business degree or another language.  French and Spanish is an ideal combination or French and Italian.  Students spend 6 months studying in one country and then the other part of the year in the other.

Land Management/ Real Estate

With a booming economy in Australia, there are many houses that are being built to cope with the demand.  A degree in land management or urban planning will give you the tools to help carry out these large urban and retail developments. Western Australia has experienced a growth in population since the mining boom and areas outside the main city of Perth from South Fremantle to Mandurah are developing fast. This degree would also allow you to get involved in the mining sector as there is a massive demand for accommodation in remote areas which all has to be managed effectively.

Speak to your career advisor who will help assess your strengths and weaknesses in order to tailor the best course to study at uni. If you feel university is not for you, why not look at the practical (TAFE) and vocational courses that will allow you to gain a qualification at the same time as working.

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