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Check Out Arbys New Smokehouse Brisket Sandwhich

02-Arbys-signThis post brought to you by Arby’s. All opinions are 100% mine.

Love Arby’s? They just came up with another great sandwhich product that is going to make you love them even more. The new Smokehouse Brisket Sandwhich will make you very happy with its delish meat and the special Arbys sauce.

With gouda cheese, crispy onions, BBQ sauce, and mayo all served on top of a bakery-style bun you are sure to be in heaven as your mouth cuts through this beautiful piece of food. We at Weekly Living like to cover good eats and this is surely one. Arbys is known for standing out with different products than all the other guys and this just further proves that they are on the right track! Everybody else just stacks extra burger meat on their sandwhiches and tries to call it something new while Arbys takes it to the extra mile and creates something brand new. Seeing as this is cooked for 13 hours it is technically the opposite of fast food and shows that they really take their time to make this taste really good.

Watch the featured Arbys video about this below! Seeing as this sandwhich is smoked for 13 hours it is a very fine eat from Arbys and I can’t begin to tell you how good it tastes. It is so nice to see something else on the menu these days other than just burgers and chicken at places and having some nice brisket to choose from makes me a very happy camper.

Want to get your Smokehouse Brisket Sandwhich as soon as possible? Then you better hop onto the Find an Arby’s site so that you can get yours today!

Hey all of you out there, want to try the Arby’s Smokehouse Brisket for yourself?! We have a $10 Arby’s giftcard we are giving away so that you can try it too. Just leave a comment about why you love Arbys to enter!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to leave your twitter address so that you can win our $10 giveaway for an Arbys gift card so that you can try it too!

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ARTICLE BY: Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks

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