Home Shopping Choosing Quality Paintings: Tips for the Budget Art Investor

Choosing Quality Paintings: Tips for the Budget Art Investor

So, you have recently discovered a love of fine art, or perhaps you moved into your first home and want to add quality art prints to your décor. Where do you start? How do you select pieces you love that are still affordable? If you love art and want to start a collection on a limited budget, here are a few ideas on how to select artwork for your home that won’t break the bank.

Fine Art is an Investment

When you are selecting paintings or photographs for your home, remember that you are making an investment in something that you will have for years to come. You are spending money on pieces that will hang on your walls and hopefully bring you joy whenever you see them. Keep this perspective in mind when you select artwork. Rather than spending your money on something that is temporary, think of it as investing in an item that could even increase in value as time goes by.

Quality Frames and Mats Enhance Artwork

Maybe you took some beautiful photographs on your honeymoon or a recent trip somewhere you have always wanted to go. If these images inspire you, bring back happy memories of your travels, and fit with the theme of your home décor, then why not mat and frame them? Essentially, the photograph is free, aside from printing it in the size and quality that you would like, so you could potentially invest your funds in professional matting and framing.

The right mat and frame brings a photograph or image to life. It will enhance the artwork, rather than detract from it. If you’re not sure how to choose a mat and frame combination, ask a professional for some recommendations. Additionally, you may want to invest in a non-glare, museum quality glass to protect your photo or painting from fingerprints, sunlight and other elements that could fade or damage your print.

Inexpensive Does Not Always Mean Cheap

Just because you may be selecting creations that do not not cost thousands of dollars, does not necessarily mean it is cheap or low quality. Maybe an up-and-coming artist is offering his or her prints at an affordable price so he or she can gain exposure and recognition. When you buy a painting from a budding artist, you may be getting a great deal on some of his or her first, original works. As the artist becomes more well known, the price of his or her artwork may increase, and your painting will be worth even more than you paid for it.

Whatever your taste in art and décor, and however you choose to add artistic elements to your home, one thing is certain: you can do it without breaking the bank. Choose artwork you love – paintings or prints that speak to you, or evoke an emotion. When using these criteria, you won’t go wrong, no matter how much (or little) money you spend.

As an art lover, Teresa Stewart always looks for ways to enhance her home’s walls with framed photos, digital and painted art. For colors and styles that blend in well with your own decor, you can browse thoughtful artwork and custom frames at Artismo, searchable at http://www.artismo.com/65-robert-mcclintock.

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