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Drinking and Driving

Everybody knows the repercussions of driving after drinking alcoholic beverages. Alcohol has many effects on the body and mind: it affects your vision, coordination, reaction time and judgment. Driving is dangerous enough when everybody is sober, let alone when people don’t have control of their bodies. According to MADD, almost every 90 seconds somebody is injured in a car crash.

After a night of drinking and playing games, such as beer pong, most people try to find a way home. They get in their cars, thinking they can drive just fine even though they really can’t. This puts themselves, others in the car, and innocent, sober drivers at risk. That’s unfair to everybody who follows the rules by not drinking and driving.

How to Avoid Drinking and Driving

There are many possible solutions about where to sleep if you have been drinking and shouldn’t be driving. Here is a small sample of suggestions:

  • before the night starts, appoint a designated driver
  • spend the night at the house where the party is
  • crash at a friend’s house who lives close by and you can easily and safely walk to
  • arrange for somebody else to come pick you up

This is just a small sample of things you can do to avoid drinking and driving, or, even more importantly avoid getting in a car with somebody who has recently consumed alcohol.

Eye-Opening Statistics

MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is an organization formed to combat drunk driving. They released some startling statistics regarding the year of 2010:

  • the leading cause of death for teenagers is car crashes, and about one third of those crashes are alcohol related
  • one out of every three kids in 8th grade has consumed alcohol
  • before a first arrest, the average drunk driver drives drunk about 80 times
  • one out of every three people will be somehow involved in an alcohol related car accident in their life

If these particular numbers aren’t enough to get you to stop drinking and driving, maybe the only wake up call you can understand is an arrest or a crash.

Why Everybody Should Avoid Drunk Driving

Besides the obvious, which is keeping yourself and others safe, there are many, many reasons why you shouldn’t consume alcohol before driving or while you’re driving.

  • keep yourself out of jail
  • keep money in your pockets by avoiding hefty fines
  • keep yourself from being embarrassed
  • protect your car

Text While Driving

Texting while driving is no better. People seem to think that crashing could never happen to them, they think “It’ll only take a second”. Teens and young adults fail to realize the impact of checking your phone while driving. In less than two seconds on a cell phone, your odds of crashing are nearly the same as drunk driving.

This texting while driving similuator is used to educate people on the dangers of texting while driving.

PongRUs, a leading beer pong shop, encourages everybody who drinks to be as safe as possible and take all necessary precautions to make sure they don’t drink and drive or put themselves in danger in any way.

“I think everybody can have fun in the most responsible way possible. I don’t condone drinking for the sole reason of having fun, I just hope that everybody can get home safely,” said PongRUs CEO Nick Davis.

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