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How Temporary Fencing is Used at Music Festivals

Temporary fencing is a great way to ensure that everyone knows where the safety line is whether we are talking about a construction site or organized events such as music festivals, movie premieres, state visits etc. Temporary fencing has a wide variety of uses, and it is very simple to install and remove. There are several companies which specialize in renting and maintenance of temporary fencing.

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Music festivals are a great example of the need for temporary fencing. Because most music festivals are usually held in an open space which is not primarily intended for that purpose it is necessary to cordon off the area and set the limits of the festival event. People need to know that they cannot enter the festival from any direction but by buying a ticket at the entrance, as well as to know the limits once inside the festival area.

Crowd Control

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Another good use of the temporary fencing is crowd control and directing. For example when you have popular music festivals where a lot of people are trying to get in and buy a ticket, it is very handy to set up temporary fencing and with it guide the people who are trying to get in. This breaks up the crowd into manageable rows of people which you can handle and monitor more easily. People also get a feeling of better organization when they know where to go and when the path is marked clearly.

Stage Security

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All music festivals have two main areas – the stage and backstage and the spectator area. These can be also divided into sections but it is very important to clearly separate stage and backstage from the visitor area. Temporary fencing is excellent for this purpose. It used to secure the stage and prevent fans from disturbing the artists on the stage. Also insured by a security force temporary fencing is the physical obstacle which helps control of the crowd.

In backstage temporary fencing can be used to safeguard the technical equipment and electronics. That way the people in the organization know where to go and which area is for which personnel.

Temporary fencing is one of the key elements in the organization of a music festival or similar events and it is used by everyone around the world. There are also different types of temporary fencing including large, small, fences with plastic footing or the ones which need to be put in the ground. In any case it is an irreplaceable tool for the essential operating of the event.

Security fencing is a key aspect of any professionally run music festival. When a lot of people get together in one space it is essentially that the proper safety precautions are taken. This is where temporary fencing providers such as Safe Site Facilities can assist.


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