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Original Ways to do your Wedding Invitations

When it comes to organizing a wedding there is often a sense that all the weddings that have gone before you have already been there and done that. If you’re looking to make your celebration stand out from the crowd then a bit of inspiration is required to come up with something that no one else has thought of before. When it comes to sending out invites, the perception is that this is an area where innovation is a bit difficult as choices are often limited to standard paper or cards. However, this is not the only option – there are some original ways to do your wedding invitations and here are a few suggestions:

Make it yourself

If you want to keep your wedding invitations to the card based variety but you don’t want to be sending out the same thing as you have received from everyone else who has recently tied the knot then customizing your own wedding invitations is a great idea. As it is a time for celebration, there is no limit to the amount of glitter, gold stars and fun pictures you can use, or if you want to keep it simple then just stick to block colours or one simple image. Including photos of the happy couple is a great idea for really personal invitations, and you could even include a little recorded message if your budget will stretch.

Use food

No matter how thick the card you choose for your wedding invites, or how expensive the gold leaf for the printing, it is never going to please anyone as much as an edible wedding invite will and that’s a fact. Cookies offer a perfect blank slate on which to have your invitation iced and will get your guests talking about the highly original invites you have chosen. If you don’t fancy a cookie then you could opt for a chocolate invite, a miniature cheese or an iced fairy cake. Just remember to include a non-edible R.S.V.P card or you won’t know how many guests are coming…

Send an email

This might at first seem like a cheapskate option but there are many more ways to send an email than just simple text. Moving images, pictures of the happy couple to be, an amusing cartoon or a simple and stylish digital copy of a wedding invite are all great ways to get the message out to your guests. As there are no budget limitations with emails you can use all the power of your imagination to make sure that your wedding invitations really are truly original.

Say it with flowers, or toys, or gadgets

If you want to splash out on your wedding invitations then sending the invite attached to something you would not expect it to be attached to is a very cool and original idea. With flowers, you might want to pick a bloom that is particularly special to you, one that is to appear in the bride’s bouquet, or something that represents the time of year you are getting married. Maybe you think all your wedding guests should have their own bottle opener, engraved with the details of your wedding, or perhaps teddy bears with love hearts are the kind of message you want to send. There is nothing likely to guarantee attendance at a wedding – and some exciting wedding presents! – like a cool invite, especially one that guests can keep, rather than just stacking in a pile with all the others.

Building a website for your wedding

Everyone who is anyone is doing everything digitally these days and that also goes for wedding invitations. Building a website for your wedding is a great way to notify people of the event and efficiently provide all the necessary details to ensure your guests can get to the venue, wear the right outfit and get you the right gift. There are plenty of companies out there that will build a stylish wedding website, as well as some easy off the shelf services you can sign up for and do yourself for next to nothing. Building a website for your wedding is obviously much better for the environment than sending out paper invites and you can significantly cut your raw material costs too!

As these suggestions show there are many original ways to do your wedding invitations and you don’t just have to order a standard box of cards from the nearest printers. Sending out invitations like these that are a bit different from the norm is a great way to get guests excited about the wedding and to ensure you have a full house on the big day!

John is a guest blogger from Basekit who provide free templates to create a beautiful website for your wedding in minutes

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