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How To Get Help When Your Doctor Is Wrong


Even though medical technology is now better than at any time in history, reported cases of medical misdiagnosis in on the rise and happening more often. There are many reasons why this happens, from an increased patient load to patients having more than one primary care physician for their medical needs. They go to many doctors and do not always report or update the other doctor about their medical care. The best way to prevent a misdiagnosis is to always consider a second opinion, most importantly when it appears it is a serious health concern. Below are some of the most common issues related with a medical misdiagnosis.

The Most Common Issues That Are Caused By A Medical Misdiagnosis

There are several different issues that are caused by a misdiagnosis, but some problems are more prevalent than others. Therefore, you should pay close attention to your symptoms to help prevent the serious ramifications that can be caused by a misdiagnosis.

Head Trauma

Many people believe that head trauma can only be caused by a serious blow to the head, but this is not accurate. After all, you can get a concussion even if your head never hits a solid object. Unfortunately, some physicians may fail to order the proper test if a physical exam does not indicate that any serious head damage has occurred. The patient might not begin to exhibit any noticeable symptoms immediately, but head trauma can lead to several life-altering issues. Therefore, if you were misdiagnosed, it is a good idea to contact an attorney who specializes in brain injury malpractice cases.

CancerRJ DOC 3

Even though this often deadly illness claims more than 1,500 lives daily in the U.S., it is still very common for doctors to misdiagnose it. Sadly, losing even a couple of weeks of treatment because of a misdiagnosis can be a death sentence for most people, and many patients fail to get a second opinion until it is too late. Additionally, there are many patients who are told that they have cancer when they actually do not. Regardless of which side of this issue you fall on, you should consult with an attorney to discuss your legal options.

Heart Attack

According to the movies, people clutch their chest and make it very obvious that they are having a heart attack. However, this is not what typically happens in real life, and that can make it difficult for a doctor to make a proper diagnosis. There are many things that can masquerade as a heart attack, including panic attacks, and this may cause your doctor to miss the more subtle signs that are indicative of this potentially deadly medical issue.

Many patients are reluctant to ask for a second opinion because they do not want to offend their doctor. However, when you consider the fact that so many people are misdiagnosed each year, it becomes clear that you should always put your health first. Additionally, it is important to contact an attorney to assist you if you deal with serious issues as the result of a misdiagnosis.

Lisa Coleman writes to encourage anyone who has been diagnosed with a serious health issue to consider getting a second opinion in order to prevent a more serious issue from occurring. Visit http://www.bottarlaw.com/new-york-brain-injury-lawyer/ online for more information about medical malpractice or contact a personal injury attorney, like Bottar Leone PLLC, who is experienced in representing medical malpractice cases.

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