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Many women have watched in frustration as their relationships get strained over a lack of desire for sex. Low libido can make it seem like a woman doesn’t desire the one she loves even though there is nothing that a woman wants more than to enjoy intimacy with her partner. Understanding the causes of low libido and exploring treatments that can increase libido will help women struggling with this issue enjoy their sex life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

Causes of Libido Problems in Women

A lack of interest in sex can be an issue for women at all stages of life. Problems with sex can come from the hormone changes associated with things like pregnancy and menopause, physical issues from stress and lack of nutrition, and even side effects from medication or illness. Women experiencing a lack of desire for sexual intimacy may have a hard time turning a mental desire for sex into physical reaction or physical discomfort during sex due to dryness or difficulties getting aroused. There are many options that can help increase female libido in most situations.

Treatment Choices

1. Lifestyle – Hearing about lifestyle changes as the cure for just about everything gets old for even the most stoic woman, but for libido issues it really is often the cure it is made out to be. Better nutrition, lower stress levels, and adequate amounts of sleep and exercise really can work together to turn up a woman’s desire for sex. Making good life choices is frequently one of the first things a woman can do when she starts having trouble enjoying intimacy.

2. Medication – Doctors are often willing to prescribe hormone treatments for older women experiencing sexual dysfunction as a result of going through menopause. Estrogen can often lead to an increase in libido for many women, but it comes at a high cost. Women who take prescription hormone supplements as they age have a higher risk of getting cancer as they get older. Medical solutions can work to increase a woman’s libido in some cases, but they often aren’t worth the cost.

3. Natural Therapies – One of the most reliable ways to help a woman increase her libido is through the use of natural supplements that are safe and side effect free. The best herbal solutions are designed to help a woman experience heightened interest in sex while balancing out her hormones and encouraging the blood flow necessary for comfortable intimacy. Women interested in trying an herbal supplement to increase libido should try it for a few months to see if it helps before turning to a medical solution.

Libido problems don’t have to leave a woman struggling to enjoy life with her intimate partner in a comfortable and mutually fun way. Increase female libido through safe means by combining lifestyle changes with natural therapies to start feeling better in just a few months. A woman interested in getting the most out of her sex life shouldn’t be stuck struggling with sexual dysfunction or the side effects of a low libido when help is out there.


Women can experience a low libido due to natural hormone changes and normal life issues. Explore treatment options that increase female libido to enjoy sex again.


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