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Interesting Housing Options for Young Adults

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Buying a home today is difficult, especially if you’re a young person. For many people, renting a room or an apartment seems like the only option. However, as society shifts into accepting more alternative lifestyles, there are many unique places for people to live their lives. Here are some interesting housing options for young adults looking to start their lives.

Tiny Homes

One of the more popular housing trends of the last few years is tiny homes. These small living quarters are attractive to prospective homeowners because they offer you most of the same amenities you would have in a regular-sized home at a fraction of the cost. They typically cost less to buy or rent, and they use fewer resources than larger homes, making utility bills lower. The best part is that these homes come in all shapes and sizes, making them easy to personalize to fit your needs.


If you’ve ever taken a road trip, you’ve probably seen outbuildings for sale near the highway or on the back of a shipping truck. Outbuildings are a perfect housing option for young adults because they make great starter homes. Acquiring these buildings is usually easy, with low down payments and no credit check required. These “cabins” also come with cute front porches that help make your home feel warm and cozy.

Silo Homes

Did you know that you can turn an empty silo into a quaint and quiet country home? This arrangement is ideal for crafty folks who know how to repurpose structures to create an unlikely living space. Revamping a silo into a home may seem like a huge undertaking, but it usually costs less to flip than your average “fixer-upper.” Let your imagination run wild with this charming home idea that is excellent for young people.

Converted Garages

If you’re fresh out of school or just starting your career, you might not be in the position to spend money on any of the previous ideas. However, there’s still an option for those seeking unique housing options without hurting their wallets: garage apartments. Find a friend or family member with room to spare and ask if you can make a garage your living space. They usually provide as much room as a standard studio apartment and are simple to transform into appropriate quarters for someone at the beginning of their adult life.

Even though the housing market seems impossible to navigate, there are still ways for young adults to find stable homes to start their lives. With some creativity and a little bit of effort, young people can have their own living spaces in these uncertain times.


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