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London’s Most Fashionable Districts

Here is a brief low-down on some of London’s most fashionable districts. I’ll discuss where to eat, drink and where to party and what kind of lifestyle each place can offer you.


 This district is one of London’s most wealthy, bordering on Kensington and Hyde Park you’ll find some of the most beautiful and historic of London’s architecture here. A night out here is going to cost serious cash. The Royal Albert Hall is located in the Heart of Knightsbridge and is London’s most spectacular venue. The stage is frequented by world class performers, and there are usually new acts performing every week. A ticket might set you back somewhere between £60-£100 but it is worth it – after all, the Queen herself has watched shows here!

Nightlife around Knightsbridge is very classy, so put on your finest clothes. Within walking distance from the tube station you can find lots of bars and restaurants -not least the two Michelin pedigree restaurants that can be found at luxury hotel in Knightsbridge – the Berkeley. Most of the hotels in this area have exclusive bars, so it’s worth asking whether your hotel includes this. You can also find Harrods here – London’s most luxurious shopping experience. Have a wonder around the expensive goods and then treat yourself to a glass of bubbly in their champagne bar.


Piccadilly is the heart of London’s tourist area. You’ll feel the energy and excitement of all those tourists as you wonder through this area. Piccadilly can cater to most budgets and while fast food abounds, explore a little further and you will be able to find high-end drinking and dining establishments. You’ll find lots of great cinemas in this area, as well as fun albeit crowded museums and shows. Piccadilly is also a prime hot spot for theatre – so if you are planning on a West-end show, then head to out, or get your hotel concierge to look into tickets for you. There are plenty of things to choose from here for nightlife, you can visit well known night spots, or perhaps simply a comedy show or the casino.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is one of London’s more quirky upmarket districts. It’s a little bit further out of the city centre but once you get there it is full of great things to do. Made famous by the film of the same name, Notting Hill has a great market and the famous shopping district of Portobello Road can also be easily reached. On weekends, the streets fill up with people wanting to grab a bargain or find a hidden gem in one of the many antique shops. It is also perfect for the coffee lover – as some of the best coffee outlets in London can be found here – as well as a number of top quality watering holes.

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