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Men’s Clothes For Spring City Breaks

The spring is a fantastic time to head off on a city break. Paris in the springtime is one of the most romantic places in the world, and other major European cities such as Seville, Rome, Prague and Vienna all look wonderful in the fresh spring light. If you’re taking a quick break, you need to have the right clothing without having to pack a huge bag – it’s all about mixing and matching.

Of course, the clothing you need will depend on the sort of sight-seeing you’re intending to do. If you’re an art gallery or museum lover, you’ll be doing a lot of walking, but you’ll be mostly indoors and not need to worry too much about the weather. If you’re heading off on a walking tour to take in the best sights and sounds, you’ll need layers and good walking shoes in order to stay comfortable on long, tiring days. If you’re planning to spend most of your time moving from one scenic café to another, taking a river trip or heading out on an organised tour, you can probably pack lighter than someone who wants to take a train out of the city and head for the hills.

Layering is Essential for Mastering the Weather

What you need is a few combinations of clothing that you can wear whatever the weather. This is where good layering is really important – take two or three t-shirts or polo shirts for men so that if the weather is glorious, you’ll have a nice thin layer and can soak up the sun. If the temperatures aren’t quite that high, pull on a colourful knit over your t-shirt so that you still look spring-like and casual, but can keep out the chill. And if things get really cold, have a fleece or a jacket that you can add on top to stay really cosy.

Chinos are an Excellent Option for Dressing Up

For trousers, a couple of pairs is all you need – something casual for wandering round the attractions, and chinos or smarter trousers if you’re heading out to a restaurant at night. Most city restaurants are fairly laid back about dress codes, so you shouldn’t need shirts, ties or jackets, but if you’re planning to go somewhere really special, it’s worth checking out the dress requirements before you go, so that you can pack something suitable.

Really, it’s just all about taking only what you need, and being as practical as possible. Comfortable shoes are a must, and of course, you can always buy something whilst you’re there, bringing back the perfect souvenir of your time in your favourite spring city.

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