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Four Ways That Circle Partnerships Are Innovating an Old Model

When seeking out an advanced medical facility with groundbreaking productivity levels and top-notch customer satisfaction, a person need not look further than to a Circle Partnership health facility. What exactly is a Circle Partnership? A Circle Partnership is a newer model in which the medical professionals who run the hospital are the same people who have ownership of the facility. This is a co-owned system in which employees own over 50% of the hospital. Here are just four of the many ways in which Circle Partnerships are working to create an innovative model that supersedes the traditional healthcare model.

Taking Ownership to a Whole New Level

As every employee at a Circle Partnership facility is an owner, employees do not simply take ownership of their shift at the hospital, of their patients that day, of their area of the facility, or of their paperwork. Every employee at the hospital takes ownership for the smooth and effective functioning of the entire hospital. This sounds daunting, but the reality is that everything operates more effectively when there are several sets of eyes keeping watch for ways to improve productivity, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Increased Productivity in a Circle Partnership

It is understood, now, that employees of a Circle Partnership are more apt to work efficiently in such an environment of which they are the owners. By taking ownership of the hospital, workers are able to improve their efficiency simply by wanting to put in the hours, by wanting to improve the hospital for the years to come, and by wanting to give their customers the ultimate in a customer satisfaction experience at the hospital.

Breaking Boundaries Through Innovation

Innovation is one of the primary aims of a Circle Partnership. People who are seeking exceptional hospital experiences are looking for ways that they can improve their health in one visit. With innovation being encouraged at a Circle Partnership hospital, patients receive the very best for their time and money and hospital staff is excited to be able to use their creativity to improve hospital conditions, medical processes, and more.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Patients are customers, and superior customer satisfaction is what every customer needs. It is not enough to give a customer a satisfactory level of customer service, and with a Circle Partnership, patients at the hospital will receive the highest level of customer service that is possible. Why? One particular reason why patients who receive medical attention at a Circle Partnership hospital receive high levels of customer satisfaction is because of the fact that doctors, nurses, and hospital staff have a special interest in the clinic. When a person is an owner of a store, for example, they will work hard to ensure that every single customer leaves with a smile on their face. The same is true of a hospital run by a Circle Partnership.

In closing, Circle Partnership hospitals are gaining recognition as one of the most effective, efficient, and innovative ways to receive medical treatment, today. With cutting-edge systems and operations, customer satisfaction levels are high, employee engagement is high, and the old medical model is becoming a way of the past.

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