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The Traditional Bride: Hot Bridal Trends

Do you love the idea of a church wedding? Do you cling to thoughts of brides gone by? Have you been planning your wedding since you were a little girl? If so, you are the traditional bride. Traditional bridal accessories are absolutely the most widely-available in the bridal industry, so you should have no problem bringing your deep traditional roots to the big day. Select wedding accessories that show just how traditional you are. Don’t be tempted to stray away from who you really are as a bride.

Unlike other brides, many of the traditional bride’s accessories may already be in place. For example, you may be wearing your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress. You may be sporting a beautiful veil or pieces of heirloom jewelry passed down from generation to generation. If you don’t have these treasures but still want the look to be very traditional, try looking online and in magazines for ideas. Once you get an idea of what you want, keep these tips and trends as a guide to help you along the way.

Wedding dress choice:  Traditional wedding gowns are available everywhere. The most popular traditional silhouette is of course the ball gown. The size of the skirt is up to the bride’s personal taste. With some brides, “the bigger the better” is the way to go. With others, something a bit more subdued will do the trick. A-line wedding gowns with longer trains are also a lovely way to go when trying to achieve the traditional look. Again, the bottom of the dress can vary in size, but in order to keep the look you are going for, opt for something a bit fuller or in a thicker fabric such as satin or silk satin.

Bridal Jewelry: Traditional bridal jewelry is not hard to find. Most traditional brides love the look of plain white or ivory pearls. Simple rhinestones are also a way to go, but you want to keep them to a minimum. Although silver is the most popular metal among bridal jewelry, traditional brides might want to consider gold as well. It gives a feeling of old-world charm and is actually making a comeback.

Bridal headpieces: When you think of tradition, you think of a tiara. The tiara symbolizes the look of the past as well as a royal look. You know a headpiece is a tiara if it has a peak. The peak can be tall or a bit shorter. If your wedding dress has lots of embellishments, you may want to go for a smaller size, so as not to take away from your gown.

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