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The Electronic Cigarette and Nicotine Misconceptions

Electronic CigaretteMany misconceptions revolve around E-Cigarettes as they slowly but surely have started to take over markets because they seem so appealing to users. We would therefore like to address at least some of them in the following.

By far one of the most common is the one that states that nicotine can be cancer promoting. This is in actuality wrong, as many studies have shown that there is no valid proof suggesting that this substance would create any by-products able of to promote cancer. It has also been stated that nicotine may be poisonous. But we should have to glance at pharmaceuticals of any sort in order to make this statement truly valid: every prescription and over the counter drug is a poison, but lethal dosage is what kills you, and as statins or aspirin do not kill you when taken in low dosages, neither does nicotine. You would need to extract the entire nicotine content of 30-40 cigarettes to obtain a lethal dose.

Addiction and nicotine is another highly debated topic. The truth is that most people simply like to smoke due to their peer group or special circumstances This wonderful new piece of technology will make smoking a much more enjoyable experience, because it satisfies the psychological needs. The blu electronic cigarette has so many flavors that it is hard to choose, and this is what makes e-smoking fun. Also, since smokers generally do not wake up every 30 minutes for a smoke, addiction in the way we understand it is not the issue here.

Many of us also believe that amongst the properties of nicotine is also the ability to relax and provide some much needed relief. In actuality it can work both ways, as in small quantities it acts as a stimulant. As scientists and technological specialists have discovered, nicotine improved cognitive aptitudes in patients with mild insufficiency by 46% while test groups receiving no nicotine showed decreases in aptitudes.  Where relaxation is concerned, researchers observed that nicotine reduced aggressiveness levels and improves concentration. I now understand why most of my smoker friends need some sweet nicotine relief when in stressful situations.

The neat thing about E-Cigarettes is that depending on how much nicotine you want to consume, you can choose from nicotine free options (0mg nicotine) to extra nicotine options with 25mg. So you can be sure that what you are consuming poses no health risk or danger. And let’s be honest, I love the fact that I don’t have to step out of the bar every 15 minutes or so if I want to light one up- they are totally bar and public space friendly!

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