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Fun Way to Experience Chocolate


If you are interested in the chocolate making process, there are several small companies that will enable you to watch and enjoy free samples. Going on one of these tours can provide the perfect way to break up a long road trip. Alternatively, chocolate lovers can plan their vacation around some of …

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Healthy Living Suggestions


It’s suggested that by now we know what’s good for us, like avoiding the sweets that we’re so often tempted by, and choosing healthier foods like vegetables and whole grains. Although, knowing something and actually doing it are two things that are usually far apart from each other. A professor …

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5 Common Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Coffee

Why is it that when you visit another company’s office, there coffee tastes so good, but when you return to your own location, you dread the dishwater that passes for coffee? Why do so many offices make the mistake of not providing good quality coffee for their employees and guests, …

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Chocolate Whiskey from Kings County Distillery

  If you like Whiskey and you love chocolate then we may have something right up your alley. Check out the Kings County Distillery’s Chocolate Whiskey which combines both of your favorite things into one tasty mixture. You can pick it up for $20 dollars making it affordable and something …

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Brewing a Better Cup of Coffee at the Office

Whilst it may not be an official statistic, many coffee drinkers claim they’ve experienced their worst cup of coffee ever in the workplace break room. It’s no wonder that this popular caffeinated drink suffers so much at work; unless you’ve got a barista on staff, chances are it’s not treated …

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5 spices to include in holiday recipes

There’s no bigger baking season than the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s the best time of year to celebrate traditional family recipes that are as nostalgic as they are delicious. Whether you are making pies or cookies, these recipes would not be the same without the traditional holiday assortment …

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6 recipes for those turkey leftovers

It’s the morning after and chances are that your refrigerator is bursting almost as much as your waist line with all those Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. It’s a shame to let all that turkey go to waste so here are just a few creative ways to use those leftovers in your …

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